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The Torres del Paine National Park, declared in 2013 as Eighth Wonder of the World , by Virtualtourist in 2013 and a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is one of the main destinations of Chile and Latin America. Its landscapes, including a variety of lakes, glaciers, flora and fauna, attrac outdoor and trekking enthusiasts from all corners of the world.
Within the trekking circuit system of Torres del Paine National Park, the Base Torres trail is one of the busiest, as it reaches the foothills of these fabulous mountains.

As visitation to the Park has increased to an overwhelming 260,000 visitors yearly, daily traffic on the Base Torres trail has also increased. This has led to a high degree of erosion and deterioration on the trail.

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In 2015, AMA Torres del Paine, an NGO focused on park conservation, brought in Shuswap Trail Alliance, a Canadian-based group of experts in preservation and construction of sustainable trails, to perform a diagnosis that confirmed what many locals already knew – the Torres Base Trail is in a serious state of erosion. This reality not only threatens the safety of visitors, but also generates major environmental problems for the park..