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The campaign
Why leaving your best footprint in Torres del Paine is so important?

National Park Torres del Paine was declared as the Eighth World’s Wonder in 2013, so it has become an icon destination in Latin America through the years. This designation didn’t just impact the park’s visitor number, it also mobilized tourism standards in the Magallanes region by generating such expectation for being in the world’s eyes, contributing to touristic development.

Your best footprint for Paine!

“Your best footprint for Paine” it’s a national and international conservation campaign which gold is to raise funds for the reconstruction and restoration of the Base Torres trail in Torres del Paine National Park.

Through this campaign we hope to:
  • Contribute to the National Parks Torres del Paine conservation through a path which follows international sustainable standards.
  • Increase the user experience while visiting the park.
  • Create national awareness about the value of Chile’s National Parks trails.
  • Achieve a national campaign through public and private collaborative work
Why is this campaign necessary?

In order to avoid the erosion increase of the Torres Base Trail, protect the PNTP visitors and conserve the park, Shuswap Trail Alliance makes a technical budget for the immediate, reconstruction of the Trail. This first stage has a cost of 800 million chilean pesos (CLP)  and has the support of  the international NGO Legacy FUND, but to achieve this goal, the collaboration of the whole society is also important. Today we need your help and you leave your best footprint in El Paine.

How will we carry out the fundraising of this Campaign?

The campaign will be carried out by collecting money, through an online donation system at www.tumejorhuella.com website under the conservation concept of 1m2, through the relation:


1 USD = 1m2/1m2 = 650 CLP

In the case of the “Your Best Footprint for the Paine” campaign, all donations will be transformed into a trail construction MT2. The most important thing of this campaign is that we seek to generate a sense of belonging in the public and in the future tourist that visits the park, making tangible the sense of citizen participation, involving people in the care of the most important park in Chilean Patagonia .

Who Can Participate?

The campaign is addressed to every public or private institutions who wish to contribute and participate of this generous crusade to get the necessary funds for trail’s reconstruction in Torres del Paine. We also hope that every citizen, Chilean or foreigner, could join this national quest.

What is the goal to achieve?

According to the studies carried out by the Shuswap Trail Alliance, the total cost for the construction and / or restoration of the trail system of almost 30 thousand meters, including: infrastructure of bridges, footbridges, gabions and other facilities, in addition to environmental costs and administrative, amounts to the approximate sum of $ 808,847,650 mm, or approximately $ 27,200 / linear meter.

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