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The campaign.
Why is leaving “Your Best Footprint” in Torres del Paine so important?

Torres del Paine National Park was declared the Eighth Wonder of the World in 2013. This accolade impacted the park’s flow of visitors, dramatically increasing demand for the famous W trek and visitation to the national park by nearly 100,000 visitors in just 5 years.

Your best footprint for Paine!

“Your best footprint for Paine” is a national and international conservation campaign with the goal of raising funds for the reconstruction and restoration of the iconic Base Torres Trail in the Park.

Through this campaign we hope to:
  • Contribute to the National Parks Torres del Paine conservation through a path which follows international sustainable standards.
  • Improve the visitor experience.
  • Create national awareness about the value of Chile’s National Parks trails.
  • The campaign is centered on collaboration between stakeholders in the public and private sector.
Why is this campaign necessary?

In order to avoid further erosion to the Base Torres Trail, conserve Torres del Paine National Park, and protect visitors exploring the park, Shuswap Trail Alliance has proposed a technical design for the reconstruction of the trail. This first stage will cost 800 million Chilean Pesos (CLP). To achieve this goal, multi-stakeholder collaboration will be critical, which is why we have teamed up with Torres del Paine Legacy Fund to lead this campaign.


The “Best Footprint for Paine” campaign will be carried out by collecting donations under the concept of “meters squared”. This means that each dollar, or 650 Chilean Pesos that you donate, will help build 1 meter squared of the new Base Trail.


1 USD = 1m2/1m2 = 650 CLP

The “Best Footprint for Paine Campaign” seeks to generate a sense of belonging for both the public and future tourists that visits the park, providing a sense of citizen participation, and involving people in the care of the most important park in Chilean Patagonia.


Through this campaign, we hope to bring together public institutions, private businesses and individuals to rebuild the Base Torres Trail. “Your Best Footprint for Paine” is a collaborative effort and we wish for everybody to participate!


○ A diagnostic of the trail conducted by Shuswap Trail Alliance analyzed the total cost for restoring and/or constructing nearly 30,000 meters of the Base Torres Trail. The combined administrative costs, actual construction, maintenance of bridges and boardwalks, and environmental initiatives amounted to $808,847,650 Chilean Pesos, or approximately $27,200.

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